The energy demands of controlled environment horticulture never stop.

Neither do we.

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We specialize in world class energy solutions. So you can specialize in world class cultivation. We are Grow Energy, an energy services company whose sole focus is providing unique energy solutions to controlled environment horticulture projects.

We know being a successful cultivator of plants is an extremely complex process where light, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels – among numerous other factors – have to be continually monitored. That’s why you need a partner who understands the energy demands of year-round, intensive horticulture.

Grow Energy has partnered with industry stalwarts like AB to deliver the electricity, thermal requirements, and supplemental CO2 needed for lighting, ventilation, dehumidification, heating, cooling, thereby maximizing your growth potential.
Our combined team fully understands all related technologies and can confidently make energy efficiency recommendations that will decrease your project’s footprint leading to the correct mix of first costs and long-term operating costs.


From Project Management to Finance, we provide the infrastructure, services and know-how needed to power your dreams.

Project Management

Experience matters. That’s why our experienced project management team is poised to handle feasibility, pre-engineering, site supervision, building integration, installation, commissioning and service agreements. This is all backed by our staff and suppliers’ collective experience in the construction and maintenance of Cogeneration plants.

Power Supply

AB brings the highest level of know-how and experience in pre-engineered cogeneration solutions. In fact, AB is the global leader in controlled environment horticulture Cogeneration. Their power plants – truly the workhorses trusted by growers throughout the industry – combined with our turn-key integration of Balance of Plant systems into fully operational Energy Centers, will ensure your crops won’t be exposed to disruptions from the grid and will instill peace of mind on Day 1.


We love details. In fact, appreciating the intricacies of the engineering, electrical cabling and connections, switchgear, permitting and grid interconnections is what makes us stand out. If you’re ready for a smooth integration, and a partner who has a deep understanding of crop cultivation, systems architecture and control strategy, you’re ready for Grow Energy.


The only line that matters is the bottom line. That’s why our finance team goes out of their way to create the most appropriate financing arrangements possible. So, no matter if you’re looking to purchase equipment or enter into a long-term power purchase agreement, your contract will be crafted under the watchful eyes of our energy-fluent accounting and legal team.


Continuous and efficient energy is the key to any successful controlled environment horticulture operation. Get powered with our Energy Centers, driven by AB’s innovative line of Ecomax power plants.


AB is a world leader in engineering, construction, commissioning and life-cycle maintenance of integrated cogeneration units. AB has many references and decades of experience in the Horticulture Industry.

Uses of Waste Heat

Waste heat doesn’t have to be wasted. In fact – through cogeneration – otherwise wasted heat from electricity created on-site can now be repurposed to heat water rather than escaping to the atmosphere. In addition, hot water can be used for space heating or converted into chilled water for cooling and dehumidification.

Other Components

We’re extremely nimble and able to create, source or partner to find the right solution. So no matter the project, we have the ideas and components to make your microgrid a success.

Technologies We Integrate

Every project is unique. Depending on the scope and location, Grow Energy integrates the core components into an energy center with the cooperation of various regional engineers and contractors of multiple disciplines including civil, electrical, mechanical and environmental. Here are a few of our most trusted partners:

AB is a world leader in engineering, construction, commissioning and life-cycle maintenance of integrated cogeneration units. AB has many references and decades of experience in the Horticulture Industry.

enrgistx is the exclusive distributor in the US for Suangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co. Ltd. Shuangliang manufactures absorption chillers, fired by multiple energy sources, including exhaust gas, hot water, steam, natural gas, or combinations.

Priva develops hardware, software, and services in the field of climate control, energy saving, and reuse of water. Priva offers Grow Energy climate control as well as energy center management systems.


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